The Hunted


The Hunted is a 3D Indie Horror Game. You are a detective who visits an ex government hospital to collect some evidence but the place itself doesn’t want you to reveal the truth.


You need to collect 20 evidence to make it through the exit door. But you see hallucinations all over the place, to get rid of them you need to blink, shake your head and turn on/off flashlight in certain pattern. Every hallucination has its own pattern. When they get you, you are done. Also you need to keep your flashlight alive by looking for batteries.

To sum up;

  • Keep your batteries loaded
  • Collect 20 Evidence


  • Left Mouse Click  > Blink
  • Right Mouse Click > Shake Your Head
  • Q > Reset the Blinking and Shaking Counter
  • F > Turn On/Off Your Flashlight
  • E > Interact